Californians Against AB667

California Must Remain Open for Business in 2014

Now more than ever, California needs jobs. In 2013, there were attempts by special interests in Sacramento to place more unnecessary regulation and mandates on job-creating businesses that would have stifled economic opportunity in California. However a few champion legislators made jobs a top priority by saying no to these misguided proposals and yes to jobs for all Californians.

What happens in California matters throughout the nation – we’re one of the largest economies in the world. That’s why it’s so important that our state continues to be a leader in innovation and jobs. We have the best and brightest workforce anywhere. And we need a policy environment that supports a growing, thriving economy that offers employment to anyone who is looking. California is on the right track and we must continue down this path in 2014.

Leadership in Sacramento can make a difference. Learn more about some of the champion legislators who are keeping California open for business.

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